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What is the Ring & Plug Thread Gages?

An amazing resource for thread measuring tools! We are the hub of a large network of gage makers. Our goal is to reduce the expense of thread-gage ownership, and to save you time while giving you quality. The services provided by the Ring & Plug Thread Gages include: New and used thread-gage sales, thread-gage calibration, thread-gage repair, and surplus gage disposition.

What types of gages do you provide?

We sell most types of thread measurement gages and related services. Gages we provide include GO and NOGO, Fixed Limit, Ring & Plug, Variable, Cylindrical, Metric, Pipe, and British Standard gages, among others. If you need thread-gages, think of the Ring & Plug Thread Gages; we are your one easy source for many sources.

Is there a noticeable price advantage?

While no single thread-gage maker has the best price on all thread-gages, the large network of gage makers working with the Ring & Plug Thread Gages allows you to obtain optimum pricing for your gaging needs.

How can you shorten delivery times?

Industrial suppliers typically have one or two thread-gage makers from whom to choose. The Ring & Plug Thread Gages actively searches a network of well over twenty-five thread-gage makers. This vast network allows the Ring & Plug Thread Gages to help you meet your critical deadlines.

How can you help enhance my quality?

The Ring & Plug Thread Gages specializes in thread gaging, and can therefore help you make the correct thread-gage selection–we can help assure that you have the proper thread-gage for your job. Furthermore, we are concerned with your interests and will not sell you poor-quality products.

One final comment:

Yes. This is EASIER. And one-call access to an international array of thread-gage makers is sure to make you look like a hero. While we search our database of suppliers for your gage, you can use your time more productively, and with better results.

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