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Third Party ISO17025 Calibration Medical Test Machines


Third Party ISO17025 Calibration Enersol and Medi-Luer ISO 594 and ISO 80369-20 Medical Test Machines

Servo Innovations LLC
Calibration of ISO 594 and ISO 80369-20 Test Machines is now available by Servo Innovations LLC. Servo Innovations LLC is an A2LA Audited, ISO 17025 Calibration Laboratory which has the appropriate ratings for special requirements of the Medical Test Machines listed in their ISO 17025 Registration Scope. Servo Innovations LLC is the calibration laboratory of choice for Enersol and Medi-Luer Test Machines initial optional 3rd-Party ISO 17025 Calibration Certificates.

This is a unique thing. I have been told by Enersol (the maker of the S15A Connector Assembly Device) that their ISO 17025 Scope does not include this capability. They also informed me that they could not locate an accredited laboratory in Australia which could perform this calibration. I personally searched around the USA and was repeatedly told that the torque and force were too low, or the configuration of the machine did not fit their protocols. As of this writing I know of no other ISO 17025 Registered Calibration Laboratory which can do this certification; however, I am sure that they are available and since I found Servo Innovations LLC I have stopped looking.

Not all ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories are equal. The difference between ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories can be found it their ISO 17025 Scope. Many people mistakenly claim that the calibration results returned on their "ISO 17025" Accredited Laboratory Calibration Certificates are accurate just because the laboratory is ISO 17025 Accredited. Care must be taken to check the capabilities of the calibration laboratory as identified in the ISO 17025 Scope.

Because of the low required values for the Medical Test Machines; the calibration is very exacting work which requires skilled technicians and precise equipment to accomplish. Secondarily; the configuration of the Medical Test Machines are very is different from what most calibration laboratories see when testing any "standard" torque wrench/device. Why go through the learning curve with any-old calibration laboratory when you can send your Medical Test Machines to the laboratory which has the procedures already in place and experience in performing the task.

If accurate measurement of your Medical Test Machines is important to your company, or if there is a measurement dispute concerning the measurement of your Medical Test Machines, send the Medical Test Machines to Servo Innovations LLC and have the Medical Test Machines measured by the authority in Medical Test Machine calibration.

Servo Innovations LLC has procedures in place for and has calibrated the following specific Medical Test Machines:
Medi-Luer Force/Torque Assembly Machine
Enersol S15A Connector Assembly Device
Enersol S16A Liquid Leak Test Machine
Enersol S17A Air Leak Test Machine
Enersol S18A Separation Force Test Machine
Enersol S19A Unscrewing Torque Test Machine
Enersol S77 Automated Sub-atmospheric Pressure Air Leakage Tester
Enersol S78 Automated Sub-atmospheric Pressure Air Leakage Tester
Enersol S79 Disconnection by Unscrewing Tester

Original Posting: 11/6/2014
Last Revision: 11/17/2018
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