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Gage Repair (Thread Rings Only)

Gage Repair (Thread Rings Only)


Gage Crib Worldwide, Inc - News and Notes                                                          Issue March 2016

My Ring Gages Failed Caibration! NOW WHAT?
How many times have you said this to yourself? You quote your job, you assume you have the gages you need to trun the job and now you find yourself in a bind. If you are using Gage Crib as your calibration service provider you do not have to worry, we have you covered! Did you know that we offer repair services for your used 60° UN and Metric series adjustable style ring gages for standard and non-standard sizes?

Why Choose repair over new Gages?

By now you know your interest is peaked so lets get you some answers:

Q: What are the reasons for repair?
A: Galling, Oversize, Undersize, Thread Wear...etc.

Q: What constitues repair?
A: The gaging surface is manufactured to "like-new".

Q: What is the cost comparison to buying new?
A: Depnding on what repair needs to be preformed, the cost is usually about 66% of having to purchase a new gage! This cost savings helps to make you more profitable on your job but also extends the life of the gage, making you more profitable on future jobs!

Q: What is the optimum way to use the Ring Gage Repair Service
A: When you where-out a ring gage; buy a new one and save the worn one. WHen you have collected a few worn ring gages; send them all in for repair. Keep the repaired gages for when your new gages inevitably wear-out.

Q: Is there anything you need from me as the customer?
A: Glad you asked! Yes there is. A certified master set plug MUST be present to repair the ring gage. If you own the set plug, we would like to have you send it with the rings. Ifyou do not have the set plug, we will ask the lab if they have one. If not, we can stil ltake care of you by quoting

Q: We are trying to be GREEN company, how does this help with that?
A: Recycling a ring gage is much less cost to the environment than making a new ring gage. Refinishing the gaging surface vs. discarding the old gage to recycle it, smelt into raw steel, form into bars, and then complete multiple machining operations to make the new gage.

Contact Justin Johnson x 116 or QA@gagecrib.com for more information on all calibration services or repair!

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Original Posting: 2/20/2015
Last Revision: 3/2/2016
If you have a pressing need for this information contact Justin at:qa@gagecrib.com

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