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About Ring & Plug Thread Gages

We function like purchasing agents who specialize in screw thread gauges: When you request a ring or plug screw thread gage, we search for and then quote some of the market’s lowest prices and shortest lead-times. When you order, the ring or plug screw thread gage drop-ships directly to you.

We specialize in thread measurement tools and services:

  1. Hard-to-find gages (Acme, Buttress, Foreign, Left Hand, Metric, Others)
  2. New and used gages (used are reworked to “like-new” condition)
  3. British Standard gages (full form, directly from England)
  4. Gage calibration (Long Form Certified, ISO Accredited)
  5. Thread comparators (tri-roll style gages)
  6. GO and NOGO ring and plug gages
  7. Gage repair (thread rings only)
  8. Thread wires (and holders)
  9. Thread software
  10. Luer gages
  11. Spline
  12. API

We want to help:

  1. Make your life easier.
  2. Save your valuable time.
  3. Improve your company’s profitability.

Our policies and procedures:

  1. Terms and Conditions of Sale
  2. How we define: Long Form Certification.
  3. How we process your quote request.
  4. Our pricing policy vs. your payment history.
  5. How we process your purchase order.
  6. How we track and expedite your order.
  7. How we save the environment (ISO 14001).

Staff Directory:

  1. Sales:
    a. Steve x 121
    b. Rachael x 123
    c. Lea x 116
  2. Order Tracking: Haley x 117
  3. Calibration and Problem Resolution: Justin x 122
  4. Detailed Technical Support: Wayne x 128
  5. Accounts Receivable/Payable: Linda x 115
  6. Order Processing: Yvonne x 114 and Heidi x117

Original Posting: 1/27/2008
Last Revision: 4/20/2018
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