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API Screw Thread Gages

Screw Threads for American Petroleum Institute-API

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Because connection failure in the oil field industry can be extreemly expensive to repair; the connections made on oil field drill pipes working thousands of feet below ground or ocean are critical. To assure against screw thread failure while working in these rigourous conditions the screw threads are made to extreem and exacting American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. Controlling these standards is the American Petroleum Institute (API) which licenses the use of a Monogram. The Monogram is applied by licenced screw thread gage makers as an oil field industry seal of approval to the screw thread gages they manufacturer.

American Petroleum Institute (API) oil field screw thread gages are available as working screw thread gages or master screw thread gages.

API Master Screw Thread Gages
American Petroleum Institute (API) oil field Master screw thread gages can be owned by anyone. Depending on your use for the master gage the certification will be important. If you intend to work as a calibration laboratory and certify other peoples working gages it will be important to have your master API screw thread gages directly certified by the National Institute of Standards Technology. If your intended use of the API gages is to verify your own in-house working gages, then certification against a certified set of master gages is acceptable. The closer to NIST the less error is accumulated, but the closer to NIST more cost and lead-time is required.

More Information about Screw Thread Types
BTC Buttress Casing per API Spec 5B
CSG Round Casing per API Spec 5B
LP Line Pipe per API Spec 5B
NC Numbered Connections per API Spec 7-2
NU Non-Upset Tubing per API Spec 5B
REG Regular Rotary per API Spec 7
TBG (EU/EUE/EUT) External Upset Tubing per API Spec 5B

Original Posting: 08/24/2011
Last Revision: 3/16/2012
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