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Surplus Thread Gages Available

Below are lists of screw thread gauges available:

1. Work Plug Screw Thread Gage
    • Standard GO/NOGO Sets
    • Standard GO Only Members
    • Standard NOGO Only Members
    • Special Before Plating; Left Hand; Oversized; Multi-Start; STI-Helicoil
2. Ring Screw Thread Gages
    • Standard GO/NOGO Sets
    • Standard GO Only Members
    • Standard NOGO Only Members
    • Special Before Plating; Left Hand
3. Setting Plug Screw Thread Gages
4. Master Setting Ring Screw Thread Gages
5. Threaded Snap Caliper Gages
6. Leitech Depth Check Work Plug Screw Thread Gages

1. Work Plug Screw Thread Gages - Metric Series
    • Standard GO/NOGO Sets
    • Standard GO and NOGO Only Members
    • Special Left Hand; Oversized
2. Ring Screw Thread Gages - Metric Series
3. Setting Plug Screw Thread Gages

1. ANPT Screw Thread Gages
2. BSP Screw Thread Gages
3. NGT Screw Thread Gages
4. NPS Screw Thread Gages
4. NPT Screw Thread Gages
5. NPTF Screw Thread Gages: Work Plugs; Work Rings; Master Gages
6. PTF-SAE Screw Thread Gages


BUTT (Buttress)

Knuckle DIN-405


Variable Thread Gage Systems
1. Gagemaker
2. Johnson Gage
3. MTG Gage
4. Southern Gage
5. Starrett

ISO 594 Reference Connectors and Luer Gages

1. Reference Connectors

What are Surplus Thread Gauges?
The screw thread gages in our surplus list are screw thread gauges that have divergent pedigrees.

Some of the screw thread gages are new:
Purchased just to make a complete GO/NOGO screw thread gauge set available.
Purchased at inventory liquidation of bankrupt screw thread gage makers.
Purchased in error and on consignment from other customers.

Some of the screw thread gauges are used:
Purchased from multiple sources.
Purchased for a job now completed, and on consignment from other customers.

Some are slightly irregular:
Old standard markings but current and correct pitch diameters to a current standard.
Ugly marked and abused handles.
Mix of Taperlock and Reversible styles to make a complete GO/NOGO screw thread work plug gage set available.

All the screw thread gauges are:
Believed to be good working screw thread gages.
Repaired if that was required.
Calibrated with Certification (unless otherwise specified)

The screw thread gauges have been stored and protected.

The certifications are dated when they were done. The dates may be years old, but the screw thread gages have not been used since the certification was completed so it still tells the actual condition of the screw thread gauge.

Any faults with the screw thread gages will be disclosed and will not pass bad product.

This is easy. Just look on the list and see if the required size screw thread gauge is listed. If found, call us and we will verify if it is still in stock and the current price. We take payment by credit card and shipment is made on the next business day or sooner.

If the screw thread gage required is not found on the list, call us anyway. We can sell screw thread gages from any USA or UK screw thread gauge maker. We will be glad to provide a quotation for screw thread gages, comparing the price and lead-time combination from multiple screw thread gauge makers and any special requirements which are presented.

We can be contacted by:
1. Contact Form. Click the tab just below the phone number. This option is best for new customers because it gives you a forum to submit your contact data and an easy way for us to get you input into our computer files.
2. Telephone. The phone number is located in the upper right hand corner of this page. This option is good if you have one or a few standard thread gages that you require.
3. E-mail. The e-mail address is located at the "Comments" section of this page. This may be your preferred option. E-mail allows you to send a PDF copy of your thread requirements, or a spread sheet of longer lists of gages.
4. Fax. Our fax number is given at the bottom of this page. Fax is the old standby good way to send your quote request. We are happy to continue to use this mode of communication if it suits your needs best.



We sell your screw thread gages on Consignment.

If you are interested in selling your screw thread gauges on the Consignment:click here.



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Last Revision: 8/15/2018
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