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Sell Your Used Screw Thread Gages

Terms of the Consignment Store:

1. A Long Form Certification must be provided with the screw thread gages. The Long Form Certification must be from a Calibration Lab. There must be a separate Long Form Certification document for each screw thread gage member. The Long Form Certification must be post-use.

2. Each screw thread gage member must be completely covered in seal-peal as preparation for long-term storage rust protection. The Calibration Lab should be able to do this if properly instructed.

3. The screw thread gages must be in salable condition. The screw thread gages may be new or used. The screw thread gages must have passed calibration. The screw thread gage must have all appropriate parts and pieces.

4. With above conditions met, ship the screw thread gages to the address shown at the bottom of this web page.

5. We will put the screw thread gages in our consignment store and price them at approximately 75% of their new price.

6. IF the screw thread gages ever sell we will send you half of the sale price, less 5% credit card processing fee (Formula: Sell Price x 0.95/2). The gages may never sell.

7. Once the screw thread gages are received, they will be posted in our on-line listing at our earliest convenience.

8. You may request to have your screw thread gages returned. The screw thread gages will be shipped to you freight collect, provided that the screw thread gages have not been sold, or committed to be sold.

9. While Gage Crib Worldwide Inc will take reasonable precautions, they claim no liability for the screw thread gages in case of fire, theft, or any other loss of usefulness.

10. Gage Crib Worldwide Inc was established March 16, 1993. We have a long and successful history, regardless, if Gage Crib Worldwide, Inc ceases operation (there is no current plan to do so) there will be no attempt to return the screw thread gages.

11. The terms are subject to change with out notice.

12. This data is accurate as of May 11, 2009.

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