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Used/Surplus-Johnson Gage

Surplus Johnson Gage System Components Available

Below are lists of available components:

Gage Rolls, External; for Johnson Gage tri-roll frames
2. Buttress
3. Metric
4. UN-series: Functional Diameter or Pitch Diameter or Minor Diameter or Lead Angle Analysis

Gage Rolls, Internal for Johnson Gage tri-roll frames
2. Buttress
3. UN-series: Functional Diameter or Pitch Diameter or Major Diameter or Lead Angle Analysis

Gage Segments, External; for Johnson Gage segment frames
2. UN-series: UN Functional Diameter or UNJ Functional Diameter or UN Lead-Angle or UNJ Lead-Angle

Gage Segments, Internal; for Johnson Gage segment frames
1. Metric-series: Functional Diameter or Pitch Diameter or M-series STI (Helicoil)
2. UN-series: UN Functional Diameter or UNJ Functional Diameter
3. UN-series: UN Pitch Diameter or UNJ Pitch Diameter (The only difference is that one has a "J" marked on it.)
4. UN-series: Calibration or UN Lead Angle Analysis or UNJ Lead Angle Analysis

Johnson Gage Frames; less segments and rolls
1. Tri-Roll Style: External or Internal or Large Diameter
2. Segment Style Internal or External Hand Held or External Base Mounted
3. Bases and Stands
4. Templates for Pins

Masters for setting Johnson Gage screw thread measurement systems
1. Frame/Cradle Setting Templates
2. Threaded Masters: UN Master Rings or Metric Master Rings or UN Set Plugs or Metric Set Plugs
3. Adjustable Plate Masters

Indicators for Johnson Gage frames
1. Digital - Owner's Manual
2. Mechanical - Dial - Analog

What are these surplus Surplus Johnson Gage Components?
These are parts and pieces of the Johnson Gage product line. This is a mix and match system where you select specific components to assemble a screw thread gauge measurement system to fit your specific needs. It will be helpful if you are an experienced user of the Johnson gage brand of screw thread measurement systems before you purchase these surplus gauges.

What is the condition of these Johnson Gage Components?
We believe that these lightly used Johnson Gage Components are in working condition and well within tolerance as specified by Johnson Gage. We give you two choices:
a. We will sell the item to you "as is". No return will be accepted.
b. We will sell you a calibration service preformed by a calibration laboratory for: Rolls; Segments; and Masters. When the item passes certification we will ship the item to you. If the item fails certification, we will bear the cost of the certification and remove that item from your order.

These surplus Johnson Gage components may be interchangeable with other gage brands.
In many cases the Johnson Gage gauge rolls, segments, templates, masters and bases will be interchangeable with Starrett Brand and Allen Engineering brand gages. In addition, the Johnson Gage indicators, masters and bases may be interchangeable with gage systems made by: Glastonbury Southern Gage; Universal Punch; Greenslade; Tri-Star Gage; Pratt & Whitney.

What if you do not find all the components to make a full system?
If we do not have all the Johnson Gage pieces you need to make a full screw thread measurement system to meet your specific measurement demands, on your request we will quote new Johnson Gage components to complete the gauge system.

What if you are not familiar with this type of screw thread gage measurement system?
We have on our web page the Starrett Screw Thread Reference Guide. This reference guide has much helpful information on the topic of variable thread gage measurement systems. It is an easy-to-read 27 page booklet with lots of pictures; just my kind of reading. After you have read the Starrett Screw Thread Reference Guide; contact us and we can discuss your measurement needs and help you decide what screw thread measurement system is best for you.

We can be contacted by:
1. Contact Form. Click the tab just below the phone number. This option is best for new customers because it gives you a forum to submit your contact data and an easy way for us to get you input into our computer files.
2. Telephone. The phone number is located in the upper right hand corner of this page. This option is good if you have one or a few standard thread gages that you require.
3. E-mail. The e-mail address is located at the very bottom of this page. This may be your preferred option. E-mail allows you to send a PDF copy of your thread requirements, or a spread sheet of longer lists of gages.
4. Fax. Our fax number is given at the bottom of this page. Fax is the old standby good way to send your quote request. We are happy to continue to use this mode of communication if it suits your needs best.



We sell your screw thread gages on Consignment.

If you are interested in selling your screw thread gauges on the Consignment:click here.



This data is provided with the intention to provide accurate information; regardless; errors may exist in the supplied information. If accuracy is critical, base your final decisions on data provided by the equipment manufacturer.

Original Posting: 1/25/2010
Last Revision: 7/12/2017
Error corrections in, or comments about, the above data can be sent to: office@gagecrib.com

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