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Gage Calibration (Long Form Certified, ISO Accredited)

Gage Calibration (Long Form Certified, ISO Accredited)

Gages are made of tool steel hardened to Rc60-64, but even the hardest materials will wear with use. Gages can also be damaged or gummed-up. The only way to determine if the gages are still usable is to calibrate them. The calibration work needs to be done by someone who is familiar with gages and has the masters and/or instruments to take the required precise measurements.

Calibration of threaded plug gages requires the use of thread wires and a precise measurement instrument. Calibration of screw thread adjustable ring gages requires the use of screw thread set plug gages. Calibration of screw thread solid ring gages requires Direct Measurement or the use of GO-Check and NOGO-Wear-Check Plug Gages. If your current calibration laboratory is using Direct Measurement to test the Screw Thread Adjustable Ring Gages; read this page.

If you so wish; contact us and we can help you to get set-up to calibrate your own screw thread gages. If you don't want to be a trained expert in dimensional metrology services, we have you covered!

Gage Crib Worldwide, Inc. represents a handful of reputable calibration laboratories here in the USA. With masters traceable to NIST, our metrology partners provide quick, accurate and affordable calibration to get you back up and running in no time. Along with fast lead-times and affordable prices; we offer calibration services from laboratories with various accreditations: ISO-9000; ISO-17025; ANSI/NCSL Z540. So that we best meet your needs, be sure to specify your requirements when contacting us.

Click here to view our calibration flyer.

Some items that we can calibrate and/or repair:

Air Gage
Functional Gage
Moisture Analyzer
Spirolock Gage
Amplifiers, Digital or Analog
Gage Blocks
Ohms Meter
Square, Granite or Steel 
Angle Block Set
Gas Meter
Optical Flat
Static Locator
Gauss Meter
Steel Rule, 0-48”
Bench Micrometer
Groove Gage
Oven Survey
Step Gage 
Black  (UV) Light Meter
Gear Wires
Parallel Set, Steel or Granite
Stop Watch / Timer 
Bore Gage, Dial
Hand Dynamometer
Plain Ring Gages (Cylindrical)
Sunnen Setting Gage
Bridge Cam Gage
Hardness Testers
Pin Gage Sets 
Tape (Yardage) Measure, to 300’
Caliper (Dial,Digital,Vernier)
Height Gages
Pinch Gage
Chamfer Gage
Height Master
Pitch Micrometer, 0-6”
Temperature (oven) Controller
Check Master
Height Master with Riser
Pi Tape
Thermometer (Temperature Gage)
Chart Recorder
Hole Gage
Plug Gage, Plain X/ZZ (member)
Thickness Gage
Clamp Meter
Humidity Gage
Plug Gage, Plain X/ZZ (Progressive)
Thickness Gage Standards
CMM Ball
Hygrometer (Temperature/Humidity Gage)
Power Supply
Thread Measuring Wires
Coating Thickness Gage
Thread Plug Gages (Working)
Crest Check Plug
Precision Level
Toolmaker’s Microscope
Cylindrical Square
Kalmaster, 12 Measurements
Pressure Gage
Timer (Stopwatch)
Laser Micrometer
Pressure Chart Recorder
Torque Multiplier
Dead Weight Tester
Length Gage
Profilometer Standard
Torque Screwdrivers
Deltronic Pin Sets, 25 pcs.
Load Cell
Torque Wrenches
Depth Micrometer
Loop Calibrator
Professional Measuring Wheel
Torque Tester
Dial/Digital/Drop Indicators
Tri-Roll Comparator
Digital Temperature Gage
Master Disc
Radius Gage Set
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Dovetail Gauge
Mega ohmmeter
Universal Calibrator
Micrometer Standards
Riser Block 
Vacuum Gage
Durometer Test Block Kit
Micrometer, Flange 0-6”
Scale, Freight 0-750 lbs
Vee Block Set
Micrometer, ID
Versa Gage, 0-24”
Micrometer, OD 
Sealed Gages-Sticker Update
Force Gage
Micrometer Tree 
Set Plug
Weights, .125-10 lbs
Feeler Gage Set
Sine Bar / Plate 
White Light Meter
Flow Meter
Snap Gage
Wrist Strap Tester


Original Posting: 2/20/2015
Last Revision: 3/2/2016
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