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Eco-Friendly Thread Gage Distributor (ISO 14001)

Eco-Friendly Thread Gage Distributor, but not ISO 14001 accredited
Being ISO14001 accredited is a great thing, but one does not have to be ISO 14001 accredited to be a responsible steward of our environment.
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Gage Crib Worldwide Inc began Eco-Friendly
Gage Crib Worldwide Inc was being eco-friendly before ISO 14001 existed. Gage Crib Worldwide Inc began its existence with the underpinning concept of recycling. The company business plan focused on salvaging screw thread gages destined for steel recycling or disposal; finding them new homes in the industrial community. This was accomplished by offering screw thread gages for rent, and by locating screw thread gages which could be reconditioned back into tolerance. While rental of screw thread gages turned out to be a poor idea (it did not work); reconditioning screw thread ring gages was well accepted, and continues to be an offering made by Gage Crib Worldwide inc. In the intervening years Gage Crib Worldwide Inc has expanded to locating large-lots of unwanted screw thread gages and getting them re-certified and returned to active duty. The rescued screw thread gages can be found in our virtual Surplus Store.

Additional Eco-friendly Activities
1. With its focus on recycling, from its beginning Gage Crib Worldwide Inc uses both sides of its office paper before it is considered "used" and ready for return into the paper pulp stream, basically saving trees twice.
2. Energy efficient lighting was installed in 2012 throughout their building. Energy efficient "daylight" bulbs were installed. Every day these low energy bulbs reduce Gage Crib Worldwide Inc energy draw on its local power grid. The "Daylight" aspect of the bulbs improves the ergonomic environment for the Gage Crib Worldwide Inc employees, allowing them to be in a better frame-of-mind to serve their customers.
3. Energy efficient climate control was installed in 2015 throughout their building. The heating and cooling systems were replaced with 96% efficient units. Every day these low energy climate control devices reduce Gage Crib Worldwide Inc energy draw on its local power grid. In addition to the high efficiency equipment; hospital grade air filtration was installed to improve the ergonomic environment for the employees; allowing them to breathe clean, pollution-free air.

Original Posting: 3/29/2018
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