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Variable Screw Thread Gage User Manuals

Index of Variable Screw Thread Gage User Manuals

This page is a work-in-progress. I have found that his information has been difficult to obtain because in the past the gage makers have published this information only in hard copy. This information is also in demand by people who have Variable Screw Thread Measurement Systems. Some of the Variable Screw Thread Measurement Systems are no longer being manufactured but the tools are in company tool cribs. The sad thing is that the person who knew how to use/set the Variable Screw Thread Measurement System has retired. This page is intended to promote recycling of the old tools (as long as they are not worn-out) in a continuing effort to save our environment, and our pocket books in the process.

Brands of Variable Screw Thread Measurement Systems
Allen Engineering
ITW Southern Gage
Johnson Gage
Pratt & Whitney
Tri-Star Gage
Southern Gage
Universal Punch

Users Manuals for Variable Screw Thread Measurement Systems:
Allen Engineering Frame 1130
Allen Engineering Frame 1131
Allen Engineering Inspection/Calibration of Rolls: 1130; 1131; 1138; 1140A
Allen Engineering System 22 Information

Johnson Gage Bi-External Model B
Johnson Gage Tri-External 3C1; 4C1; 5C1
Johnson Gage Tri-External GH-15
Johnson Gage Tri-Internal GH-5
Southern Gage Tri-Roll External
Starrett Frame 1130
Starrett Frame 1131
Starrett Catalog Frames 1130 & 1131
Starrett Thread Reference Guide
Universal Thread 2-Point External
Universal Thread 3-Point External
Universal Thread 2-Point Internal
Universal Thread Reference Guide

Please, if you have a copy of a user's manual for a Variable Screw Thread Measurement System, email it to me so that I can post it to this page for broad distribution to users of the equipment.

If you are looking for parts and pieces for your existing Variable Screw Thread Measurement Systems we have two opportunities for you.
1) Check out our list of surplus components.
2) Contact us with your needs and we will quote new replacement parts for your systems.

Original Posting: 7/29/2011
Last Revision: 8/8/2011
Error corrections in, or comments about, the above data can be sent to: office@gagecrib.com

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