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How We Process Your Quote Request

How We Process Your Request For Quotation

Step 1
You send us the request. We will take the request in almost whichever mode you prefer.
Web-form: This is best if you have not requested a quotation from Gage Crib Worldwide Inc before. The web-form helps us to assure that we have your company information correctly input into our systems. After the first request for quotation; subsequent requests can be via another communication method. Of course if you just love using web-forms we will happily accept your request that way.
Email: This method is good because the requested information is clearly communicated to us as you know it. This is the method used by most of our customers. We have multiple ‘sales’ email addresses (sales1; sales2; sales3; sales4 …); just pick one and use it.
Phone: Yes, people are still using the phone to communicate. If you desire that level of personal attention; just call. The ales staff is friendly and helpful to you in determining the parameters of your request.
Fax: Yes we still have a fax machine even though it is going the way of the dinosaurs.
IM; Text; Video Chat: These are seldom requested for daily business communications; however; if you desire these they can be arranged.
Mail: Actually we have never received a request via the US Postal Service, but we will accept them this way if you so desire.
Personal Visit: Our office is open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM USA Eastern Time.

Step 2
A sales team member will work with you to obtain additional information or clarify anything in your request which is confusing. This is a critical step. If we quote what you requested but the tool was not completely defined and you get something which is not what you need; then you will have a tool which is useless and want to return it. Unfortunately; gages are not returnable.

Step 3
The sales team member will process your request into a quotation. This process takes a few hours because we contact multiple gage makers to locate your desired tool. Gage Crib Worldwide Inc is different from other general line industrial distributors who only check with one gage maker. If you specify a specific brand of thread gage; we can sell you that brand of screw thread gage. If you abhor a specific gage maker; tell us and we will not quote that gage maker’s products to you. By contacting multiple gage makers we are able to locate the best price/lead-time combinations in the marketplace as of the day of the quotation. These various options are then studied to determine which options are best and those are presented on the quotation for you. If there are multiple price/lead-time options given; they are each from a different gage maker. Unusual thread forms and long lists of standard gages will increase the time it talks to get the quotation back to you. Once the sales team member has the info they need, they will finish writing the quote and email or fax back to you.

Step 4
Our quotation which is sent to you can be used as a convenient order form. There is a place for you to enter your PO number and your selection of various options can be indicated by circling the desired items. The choices often include; Choice of several price/lead-time options; Choice of certification options; For shipment of the gages, choice of couriers along with a place for you to include your courier account number; Choice of courier service levels. If you find this order form convenient; complete it and return it to place your order. If your purchasing system requires you issue a formalized PO; we will happily accept your order in that format. Please indicate the quotation number on your PO to speed its processing. If you are a first-time-customer we may need to speak with you to collect some additional new-customer details before the order can be processed. To access and complete a Net 30 form click here for US customers only.

Step 5
Once your order is processed you will receive a Confirmation of Order via email. If you do not receive this document within 24 hours after you have placed your order with us; call us because something is wrong and your order was not processed. On receipt of the Confirmation of Order; check the descriptions of the items you have ordered to assure that they are exactly as you desire them. Gages are non-returnable once the order has been placed; problems are least expensive to correct at the earlier end of the order process than after the gages have shipped. If you discover a problem with the Confirmation of Order; mark-up the document and return it to us and then call us so that we can clearly understand the concerns.

Original Posting: 6/3/2015
Last Revision: 11/6/2015
Error corrections in, or comments about, the above process can be sent to: office@gagecrib.com

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