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Sealing Wax for Thread Ring Gages

What is sealing wax?

Sealing wax is used for sealing the locking mechanism of adjustable style threaded ring gages. Sealing wax is color coordinated in green and red for use with GO and NOGO ring gages. Sealing wax is supplied in 1/4 pound sticks and packaged four sticks per pound box. Sealing wax is sold by the pound box.

Green Sealing Wax (GO):

Red Sealing Wax (NOGO):

How to use sealing wax.

Before using sealing wax the thread ring gage must be properly set and locked (instructions for setting ring gages).

To apply the sealing wax, it needs to be heated to melting point. This can be accomplished using a pin torch or a soldering iron. The wax is dripped onto the top of the locking mechanism, filling the hole. While the sealing wax is soft a unique stamp or mark can be made in the wax as a tamper notification. When the sealing wax stick becomes too short to comfortably grasp, it can be welded to the end of a full stick.

An alternative to sealing wax.

Some gage makers are now using hot glue as an alternative to sealing wax. The advantages are several.
1. The hot glue is easier to apply because it is contained in a hot glue gun, thus no open flame and no dripping into a hole.
2. Hot glue is less expensive and is readily available in colors at any craft store.
3. The hot glue guns are also inexpensive.
4. Hot glue, while still difficult to remove, it is much easier to remove from the gage than sealing wax. Hot glue comes out cleaner and with less digging.

For a copy of the Safety Data Sheet Form click here.

Initial Posting: 6/25/2005
Revised: 3/31/2022
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