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IBS919-3 ISO Metric Screw Gage

BS919-3 Specification for ISO Metric Form Screw Gauge Limits and Tolerances

BS-919-3 Foreword
BS919, Screw gauge limits and tolerances is in four parts:
- Part 1: Specification for gauges for screw threads of unified form
- Part 2: Specification for gauges for screw threads of Whitworth and BA forms
- Part 3: Specification for gauges for screw threads of ISO metric form
- Part 4: Specification for gauges for screw threads of unified form diameters 1/4 inch and larger

NOTE: Attention is drawn to the fact that, for reasons of economy, this standard provides for wear limits for some GO gauges which are outside those of the product thread limits.

BS-919-3 Scope
This Part 1 of BS919 specifies requirements for the following types of gages for checking ISO metric screw threads of nominal diameter 1mm and larger made in accordance with BS 3643.

a) Screw Gauges:
1) GO and NOT GO screw plug gauges;
2) GO and NOT GO screw ring gages, solid type;
3) GO and NOT GO screw ring gages, adjustable type;
4) GO and NOT GO screw caliper gauges, adjustable type.

b) GO and NOT GO plain plug gauges and GO and NOT GO caliper and ring gauges for the crest diameters of products threads.

c) Setting plugs for GO and NOT GO adjustable screw ring gauges and for GO and NOT GO screw caliper gauges:
1) double length;
2) single length.

d) GO and NOT GO check plug gages for solid type GO and NOT GO screw ring gauges.

Annex A provides guidance on the functions and methods of use of the various types of gauges.
Annex B recommends a proceedure for the settlement of disputes arising when borderline products are inspected.
Annex C gives guidence on the hardness of gauges.
Annex D provides information on the reference temperature.

BS-919-3 Normative reference
BS-1044-1 Specification for gauge blanks Part 1: Plug, ring and claiper gauges
BS-6528 Terms and Definitions

This data is provided for general information only. The intention is to provide accurate information; regardless; errors may exist in the supplied information. If accuracy is critical, base your final decisions on the data provided in the root document: BS919-3:2007; which is a copyrighted document. To purchase a copy visit an Authorized Reseller.

Original Posting: 11/7/2012
Last Revision: 9/24/2013
Error corrections in, or comments about, the above data can be sent to: office@gagecrib.com

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