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ISO 5145Cylinder Valve Outlets

ISO 5145; Cylinder Valve Outlets for Gases and Gas Mixtures - Selection and Dimensioning

ISO 5145 Scope
This International Standard establishes practical criteria for determining valve outlet connections for gas cylinders. It applies to the selection of gas cylinder valve outlet connections and specifies the dimensions for a number of them. This international standard does not apply to connections used for cryogenic gas withdrawal or gases for breathing equipment which are subject of other international standards. WARNING - The gas cylinder valve outlet connection is not the only safeguard against accidental misuse; gas cylinder labeling and color codes shall be checked before use.

Thread Requirements
Because this host website is only interested in screw threads; the only part of this standard which we are interested in is the screw threads. From our review of ISO 5145 we believe that the screw threads listed in ISO 5145 pg 6 Fig 2 (only the basic sizes are listed) are identical to the same size screw threads listed in NF E 29-650 pg 29 Fig 19 (which contains basic sizes with tolerances).

Our Logic
ISO 5145 pg 6 Fig 2 gives only the basic screw thread dimensions, but no screw thread tolerances. ISO 5145 pg 1 paragraph 2 Normative References identifies only two normative references related to screw threads: ISO 286-1 and ISO 286-2. ISO 286 screw thread standards relate only to 60° included angle screw threads, but ISO 5145 pg 6 Fig 2 clearly defines only 55° included angle screw threads. Ignoring the difference in the included angle, and applying the ISO 286 default screw thread tolerance the resultant screw thread tolerances match the basic screw thread dimensions and screw thread tolerances found in NF E 29-650 pg 29 Fig 19. Because the two match, the two are identical.

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Last Revision: 12/8/2015
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