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ISO 5356-1; Anesthetic and Respiratory Conical Connectors


ISO 5356-1; Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment – Conical Connectors – Part 1: Cones and Sockets

ISO 5356-1 Introduction
In clinical practice, several breathing attachments used in anaesthetic and respiratory equipment may have to be joined together to provide a suitable breathing system. Items of medical equipment, such as a humidifier or a spirometer, are often incorporated into the breathing system which may also be connected to an anaesthetic-gas scavenging system. Connections for these purposes are usually cone and socket joints, and a lack of standardization of these connections has given rise to problems of interchangeability when connecting equipment made by different manufacturers. This part of ISO 5356 specifies the requirements and dimensions for conical connectors used in anaesthetic and respiratory equipment. An important consideration is that conical connections need to be secure but nevertheless disconnectable by the operator. The use of connectors meeting the requirements of this part of ISO 5356 will not necessarily prevent them being disconnected accidentally. To minimize the risk of 22 mm connectors being accidentally disconnected, latching connectors can be used. Annex A includes a figure and a table detailing plug and ring test gauges that are used to check conical connectors made of materials other than metal. Annexes B, C and D provide test methods for latching connectors, Annex E includes a figure and table detailing plug and ring test gauges that may be used to check metal conical connectors, and Annex F contains recommendations for testing security of latching connectors. Figure 1, detailing the dimensions and tolerances of metal conical connectors, has been prepared in accordance with ISO 3040.

ISO 5356-1 Scope
This part of ISO 5356 specifies dimensional and gauging requirements for cones and sockets intended for connecting anaesthetic and respiratory equipment, e.g. in breathing systems, anaesthetic-gas scavenging systems and vaporizers.
This part of ISO 5356 gives requirements for the following conical connectors:
- 8,5 mm size intended for use in paediatric breathing systems
- 15 mm and 22 mm sizes intended for general use in breathing systems
- 22 mm latching connectors (including performance requirements)
- 23 mm size intended for use with vaporizers, but not for use in breathing systems
- 30 mm size intended for the connection of a breathing system to an anaesthetic gas scavenging system.
This part of ISO 5356 does not specify the medical devices and accessories on which these connections are to be provided. Requirements for the application of conical connectors are not included in this part of ISO 5356, but are or will be given in the relevant International Standards for specific medical devices and accessories.
NOTE: Requirements for screw-threaded weight-bearing conical connectors are specified in ISO 5356-2.

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